Branding, Graphic, Packaging

Design of a booklet, an album of layouts and a set of souvenirs for the residential complex “Beregovoy-2”.

Premium quality, restraint, lightness, thoughtfulness to the smallest detail. The brochure is not a corporate brochure, it is a fashion magazine. It shows not just the layouts of apartments, but the life that can be lived in Beregovoye.

To create a coherent visual and tactile experience, great attention has been paid to detail. Unusual photo sessions in the style of fashion magazines tell about the unique inhabitants of Beregovoye. Black and white sections on thin paper introduce the philosophy and sources of inspiration for the architects of the residential complex. The use of foiling techniques and paper with a metallic effect refers to the image of the river, and the aerial layout emphasizes the atmosphere of calm and safety, while at the same time resembling the outlines of houses on the embankment.


Владимир Лифанов, креативный директор
Дарья Долгополова, дизайнер
Анастасия Хорошилова, дизайнер
Яна Попович, аккаунт
Мариня Казакевич, аккаунт