Branding, Graphic, Packaging

Renewal of the corporate identity of the Moscow hat manufactory after 8 years. The new logo has become more confident, more mature, more modern, got a grotesque style and got rid of unnecessary serif elements. The symbol ampersand has become simpler and more compact, has moved away different forms and has become more expressive due to copyright.

Now he has a direct dialogue, gives advice, talks in more detail about the composition and production of hats. The factory now has new patterns “goose foot” and “checkerboard”, based on a shape of the hat’s silhouette. As an additional graphics there are illustration with all types hats with historical and fashionable remarks.

The Cardinal & Margo factory was founded in 1989. The factory produces branded hats, hats for promotions, head jewelry using Italian equipment. It produces hats for men and women from various materials: felt, straw, angora, velor and knitwear.

Фирменный символ “амперсанд” ушёл от разных форм, стал более выразительным за счёт копирайта. Теперь он ведёт прямой диалог, даёт советы, рассказывает подробнее о составе и производстве шляп. У фабрики появились и новые паттерны — «гусиная лапка» и «шашечка», где в основе самих паттернов лежат силуэты шляп. В качестве дополнительной графики отрисованы все виды и типы шляп.


Vladimir Lifanov, creative director
Irina Sakharova, designer
Alena Shulga, designer
Dasha Grekova, designer
Maria Kazakevich, account


Red apple, bronze
Epica awards, shortlist
Sreda, bronze