Keep eat true


Bushe is a big chain of 40 city cafes in St. Petersburg. Over 20 years of work, Bush has become as an integral symbol of St. Petersburg, as well as a special urban range, people with their stories, architecture or the weather.

Bushe’s philosophy is based on a simple formula – “есть настоящее”, translates as “keep eat [it] true [real]”. It focuses on the content, and not on the external gloss.

New ad campaign for bushe with litterally translating words into pictures.

Осенняя рекламная кампания буквально превращает слоган в образы.


Владимир Лифанов, креативный директор
Евгения Максимова, дизайнер
Валерия Вайцеховская, дизайнер
Анастасия Ашукина, дизайнер
Марина Локтеева, аккаунт-директор