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Isource is a neologism from English sourcing + the first letter of the words industrial, integral, information, innovation, intelligent and infrastructure. Isource is a platform that helps industrial companies manage their supply chains. Here you can make purchases, use the necessary banking services, control the production process and the time of shipment of goods, as well as manage stocks. Isource operates on the basis of the resources and competencies of Gazpromneft-Supply, Gazprombank’s Electronic Trading Platform (ETP GPB) and other strategic partners.

Isource is an ecosystem of interconnected services that provides customers with everything they need to make one-click purchases and makes the process as simple, predictable and transparent as possible. The company is integrated into the virtual environment of real enterprise supply processes with the ability of customers to “connect” to them at any time and from anywhere.

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Vladimir Lifanov, creative director
Anastasia Khoroshilova, designer
Evgeniya Maksimova, designer
Valeria Vaytsekhovskaya, designer
Alena Shulga, designer
Ekaterina Kuklina, project manager
Mikhail Lobov, account