Branding, Graphic, Naming, Packaging

Packaging of the new brand of naturally fermented drinks Liberté for a chain of restaurants Bushe. The brand with a bold name challenges standard sodas by offering a healthy alternative. At the moment there are two flavors in the line: “Chamomile-Lemon” with the name “Stay pure!” and “Blue Oolong Tea” under the banner “Stay true!”

Communication itself plays up the protest movement brazenly, but not intrusively. Labels work like banners, and poster communication like campaign posters.


Vladimir Lifanov, creative director
Vera Ivanova, designer
Alena Shulga, designer
Elena Ryazantseva, designer
Daria Grekova, designer
Maria Kazakevich, account


Red apple, bronze
Epica awards, shortlist
Sreda, bronze
ADCR, shortlist