Meeting space

Branding, Graphic, Naming

The network of district centers "Place of Meeting" is a global program of the developer ADG group for the reconstruction of Soviet-built cinemas in Moscow, which includes more than 30 district centers.

In the 50s. cinemas were built in all residential areas - the urban environment outside the Garden Ring was actively developing, and each Soviet microdistrict received its own cultural center. Cinemas - one of the most affordable mass entertainment outside the home at the time - were becoming a local attraction. The Meeting Place brand refers to history and reflects the perception of these locations by several generations of townspeople.


Naming allows you to easily create sub-brands: "Meeting point - Angara cinema", "Meeting point - foodhall", "Meeting point - playroom", "Meeting point - library" and so on.

The main goal of the large project was to create comfortable public spaces in the districts themselves. Now residents can spend time interestingly "in a place" without leaving the center.

The symbol of the project is the five-pointed asterix-footnote “asterix”, which represents the meeting point and intersection of all routes. The symbolism is easily adapted to each sub-brand, changing the content, but retaining a recognizable shape. The visual elements, as well as the color scheme of the identity, are developed according to the principles of Soviet poster graphics. Thanks to the laconic and easy-to-use style, it became possible to create a large amount of unique illustrative content.