Multibonus VTB

Branding, Graphic

A classic gift with a bow as a sign obviously inherits the characteristic features of the parent brand – VTB Bank. Identity illustrates all the possibilities of the main attribute of the loyalty program “Multibonus VTB” – a multicard. So, the card takes either a form of a gas station column, then a shopper, then a cable car cabin or even just a piggy bank, clearly revealing all its advantages: points from purchases, bonus miles and cash backing.


Владимир Лифанов, креативный директор
Евгения Максимова, дизайнер
Анастасия Хорошилова, дизайнер
Валерия Вайцеховская, дизайнер
Екатерина Куклина, аккаунт-директор