Sirius Hotels

Branding, Graphic, Packaging

The Sirius Hotels chain is located in the Imereti Lowland on the Black Sea coast. The chain consists of 4 hotels: Delta, Sigma, Omega and Gamma.

The logo of the parent brand Sirius Hotels is based on the shape of a circle that unites the hotel chain with a common stylistic solution. Each hotel has its own stylistic solution, however, the principles of layout and graphic elements combine the styles into a single brand system. The flexible graphics system allows you to create an infinite number of characters, which will further allow you to scale your business and create new sub-brands. Each hotel has its own individual pattern based on the logo mark.


Владимир Лифанов, креативный директор
Вера Иванова, арт-директор
Алёна Шульга, дизайнер
Екатерина Куклина, аккаунт-директор