Snejana Hill Cosmetics

Branding, Graphic, Packaging

Snejana Hill Cosmetics The logo and packaging for the two lines of cosmetics.

‘Inspired by nature’ by Snejana Hill Cosmetics is line of lotions, creams, masks, and oils inspired by nature and which 90 percent of the ingredients have prefixes ‘Organics’ and ‘Bio’. ‘Inspired by nature’ is literally dedicated to nature objects, that inspires Snejana to create her cosmetics. Every package has it’s own illlustration with a simple graphic puzzle and hided in a title solution.

«Inspired by Kyoto» is the line that devoted to the Japanese city Kyoto and Mount Fuji.

Video Case Inspired by nature

Video Case Inspired by Kyoto

Вторая линия — «Inspired by Kyoto» посвящена японскому городу Киото и горе Фудзияма, нарисованной в разное время года.

Видеокейс Inspired by nature

Видеокейс Inspired by Kyoto


Ad Black Sea Festival, gold
Red apple, bronze
White square, silver
ADCR Awards, bronze
Sreda, gold