Art Directors Club Russia Awards 2018


The sense work of an art director is at first the choocing the right direction and skillful development betweeen the ideas proposed by the designer. We gave our designers the task of offering our own vision of what ADCR Awards 2018 identity could look like. And in the process of choosing the ideas it turned out that the process itself can become an identity. We carefully showed all those excellent and not so good options that were rejected in the process of work in order to come up with a simple and boring signs by Helvetica. This is an identity that has passed through an attentive look, a warm heart and a firm hand not of a full of self-irony art director, who left his capacious remarks near the rejected concepts.

Это айдентика, прошедшая через внимательный взгляд, теплое сердце и твердую руку полного самоиронии художественного руководителя, который оставил на полях свои емкие замечания рядом с отвергнутыми концепциями.


Владимир Лифанов, креативный директор
Евгения Максимова, дизайнер
Степан Литвинов, дизайнер
Марина Локтеева, аккаунт-директор