Furniture online store

Branding, Web, Graphic, Naming, Strategy

An online furniture store with simple naming In 2015 a new largest online sofa&furniture store with a simple name launched. It produce and sells any sofas, that you can only imagine.Red, green, blue, brown, leather, textill, for two, for one, for five. Any shape, any color and any size. The store has a name, that translates as "sofa" in English.

Prices are so profitable that they become best advertisement for the store themself. Therefore, each media styles, from business cards to the trucks, is both an advertisment for the site "". It is possible to find and buy online every sofa from the logo at the price indicated at the bottom of any adentity element.

So the logo is a store showcase, an advertisment, a sofa index, a web adress. And just a simple logo, of course.

User manual for the sofas of online store "" not only tells us how to properly care for a sofa, but also how to use it at 100%.


  • ADCE awards, silver
  • Red dot awards
  • ADCR awards, gold
  • IAF Red apple, bronze
  • Idea, gold
  • Ratingruneta, gold
  • Tagline, bronze
  • Goldensite, silver